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Sutin Group is a leading tour operator in Southern Thailand. The company is an expert in the local area and specializes in adventure tourism and nature tours in Khao Sok National Park. We organize a trip to bring you to the embrace of nature, to the fresh air of the reservoir of Chiao Lan Dam which is located in the national park area. You can truly appreciate the beauty of Khao Sok Lake or “Guilin of Thailand” with us at any time of the year.

Besides, Sutin Group has several other tour programs to offer such as Khao Sok Safari programs, white water rafting programs, elephant riding programs and bamboo rafting programs. Each program is packed with diverse fun-filled activities like elephant trekking to the waterfall, cave exploring, night safari, canoeing, white water rafting, flying fox and ATV riding, the elephant show and nature studying along the Khao Sok’s trail.

Sutin Group also has jungle bungalows situated on the river bank in the Khao Sok area to offer. Bungalows in the Khao Sok area have recently gained popularity among both Thai and foreign tourists due to its relaxing ambience amid the natural surroundings. Our cosy bungalow accommodations are located in a serene and shady environment. Standard facilities, bathroom and private balcony are offered in our little cosy bungalows amid the green forest.

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