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Raft houses in Khao Sok Lake

Forgetting all hectic routines and living amid peaceful nature is regarded as a perfect getaway. Khao Sok Lake is a very special place, a heaven of relaxation where you can totally forget about your chaotic city life. There are a number of raft houses available on the lake both the National Park’s raft houses and private own raft houses. They are catered for all nature lovers. Just relax beneath the stars, on the floating cabin here; you are surrounded only by the turquoise water and green mountains.

All raft house accommodations here are small in size as they want to preserve the environment in the area. They usually provide 3 local meals and serve both Thai and foreign guests with warm hospitality. Most raft houses do not provide you with five star comfort. But the standard facilities offered are more than enough for the beautiful nights.

However, for those who prefer comfort living, we can provide you with a choice of a higher level of luxury. You can fully enjoy all conveniences of the hotel standard i.e. air-con, cable TV, fridge and even hot shower, while taking pleasure in pure natural surroundings. This superior raft house can accommodate four people and each has a private bathroom and very large terrace. Please contact us if you want to spend a night on Khao Sok Lake. We can arrange overnight accommodations with impressive outdoor activities for you.

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